Tremendous change and opportunities await ahead in the Asian steel industry, following China’s new stance on steel exportation taxes. With the possibility of Chinese steel mills looking to Asia to satisfy the gaps in steel demand and supply in the region, it is the opportune time for steel companies in Indonesia and in the region to leverage the growth potential of steel in the upcoming months or year.

Find out how Kimin Tanoto thinks you can poise your business for success during this critical period by implementing the right green initiatives to move towards net-zero emissions here:

Despite the weight of scientific evidence, we still face pockets of hesitancy about the COVID-19 vaccine — many folks still remain sceptical about getting the shots. As a business leader, Kimin Tanoto strongly believes that organisations have a part to play when it comes to addressing vaccine scepticism and normalising vaccines. Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) recently rolled out its own vaccination programme to encourage more action, enhance the public’s trust in the vaccine and, more importantly, protect its people. They’ve also adopted a range of measures to encourage their employees to get the jab.

As we accelerate forward into the post-pandemic future, there’s a number of meaningful short- and long-term opportunities fuelled by growth from demographic trends and innovation. However, it’s important to note that Indonesia is a country with varying business cultures, rules of engagement and systems — all of which makes the investment market unpredictable and difficult to navigate. Here’s where Gunung Capital plays a critical role.

Check out Kimin Tanoto’s latest article where he identifies potential opportunities that investors can capitalise on, and share a little more about how Gunung Capital can add value to your portfolio.

Want to learn more about the post-pandemic growth trends in the iron ore sector? Join Kimin Tanoto and other business/industry leaders at the Singapore International Ferrous Week that will be happening virtually this year. I will also be sharing more about Gunung Raja Paksi’s upcoming plans to embrace ESG through our work, the macrotrends affecting steelmakers in Asia and why it’s such an exciting time for Indonesian steel companies.

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2020 has proven to be a difficult year for all businesses and organisations in Indonesia. But now’s the time for us to turn our attention towards the journey to recovery — every decision made now could impact our ability to thrive in the future. What are Kimin Tanoto’s plans moving forward? How can he make the most of current circumstances and put Gunung Raja Paksi in the best position to excel?

Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions has presented the gravest threat to life on Earth. Reaffirming Kimin Tanoto’s unwavering commitment to addressing climate change, his organisation has made several investments in green technology and changes to manufacturing practices. But of course, to pave the way for the rest of the world and to build a greener future for all, a joint effort is imperative. Will you join Kimin Tanoto & Gunung Raja Paksi in this endeavour?

The only constant in life is change — At the forefront of the steel industry, it is important for a leader like Kimin Tanoto to keep up with the times and implement new initiatives to scale greater heights. Find out all about Kimin Tanoto’s upcoming plans for Gunung Raja Paksi and Gunung Capital for the foreseeable future now.

The world is filled with volatility and uncertainty today. In these turbulent times, Kimin Tanoto strives to keep the direction of his business firmly rooted in its core values. With a passionate belief that corporations have a responsibility towards society, Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) & Kimin Tanoto remain active in philanthropy and service to the community. Find out more about GRP’s recent CSR efforts.

Kimin Tanoto fights hard for Gunung Raja Paksi to be at the forefront of the Steel Industry in Indonesia, a competitive and ever-changing sector. With disruptive innovation and digitalisation, he leads the way for GRP to scale greater heights.

For many, this is a time of unprecedented struggle and upheaval. During these trying times, Kimin Tanoto believes it’s important that his employees feel empowered, and have access to the resources they need. Kimin sees his employees, who have dedicated so much time and resources to Gunung Raja Paksi, as the backbone of the business. He hopes that his initiatives and contributions offer some sort of relief and comfort to them.

Kimin Tanoto

Kimin is a serial entrepreneur and business leader who has founded multiple businesses.

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